Saturday, July 20, 2013

Design Techniques- Kelly Johnson Skunkworks vs. 2013 Solidworks

I have debated on how to design and layout all of the components in the frame for quite some time. Is it more efficient to go to the  trouble to create a Solidworks 3D model of the motorcycle chassis or just do the old school trial and error. I finally decided that I can get through many more iterations faster and end in a more refined and optimized design if I go to the initial trouble and time investment to create the 3D model so I got up nice and early today and made a model. Take a look below.
I think this will be accurate enough to get the motor mounted and pack the batteries in. I will do some refinement to it to get the detail needed to create the electronics and controller mounts up under the tank. See below for a first cut at packaging the ME1003 into the frame. It really wants to be there. It looks like it really belongs there.

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