Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Day! Ordered the Motor and Controller

Today we ordered the motor and controller.
For the motor, I did a lot of trade study work and comparison. I really wanted a BLDC motor, but in the end, it added about $1000 in cost and I can buy a new set of brushes for $100 so I ended up going brushed, permanent magnet. Once the motor was selected, it made the list for the controller search pretty short. Here are the motor trades. I went with the Motenergy ME1003. For the controller, it was an Alltrax Axe 7245.

I bought the motor from Cloud and the controller from EV-Drives. There is a lot of variation in pricing on controllers for the same part number from different vendors. If you are doing this search, shop around. Check ebay too as I was able to save $193 on the controller buying it from EVdrives on ebay versus buying it off their website.

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