Saturday, February 15, 2014

Connecting Up The Batteries For The First Time

Last weekend I connected up the batteries all in series and measured voltage at 80 volts (24 LiFePO4 Cells).
I then put then on the charger for the first time and that brought them up to 86 volts in about 15 minutes. I then connected the high voltage battery pack to my DC-DC down converter that provides 12VDC and connected it to all of my low voltage electronics. That all worked well with no mishaps. Notice the rubber gloves just in case I do something stupid. 90 VDC will shock and it hurts.

The goal today is to program the controller (offline from the bike) and then re-install it, run all of the 4 gauge cable (custom build) and if time permits attempt to run the motor through the controller on full voltage on jack stands.

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